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  • Ingredients

    You can design your own formula of food supplements with different ingredients we provided.

  • ACID
  • Fibersol-2

    • Improving intestinal function
    • Reduce blood sugar and cholesterol
    • Reduce neutral fat

    It is not easily absorbed after they enter the small intestine, but when they enter the intestinal tract can be fermented and used by intestinal microorganisms, so it has the effect of improving intestinal function.


    • Smooth bowel movement
    • Inhibit sugar and lipid absorption
    • Enhancing immune regulation

    Fibryxa is water-soluble edible fiber of isomaltodextrin, which is full of α-1, 6 glycosidic bonds, which are chemical bonds humans don’t easily digest.


    • Adjust the intestinal microflora
    • Improve intestinal health
    • Reduces blood sugar
    • Control blood lipids
    • Increase the absorption rate of minerals
    • Anti-cancer effect

    FOS are low-calorie small dietary fibers that can increase the efficiency of nutrient absorption and reduce the production of harmful toxins. In the gastrointestinal tract of animals and humans, it can promote calcium absorption. Therefore, more calcium in food can enter the human blood from the gastrointestinal tract.

    WGP (β-Glucan)

    • Immune-activation
    • Regulate blood sugar value
    • Inhibit cholesterol synthesis
    • Improve cardiovascular functions
    • Promotes elevation of gut immunity

    β-Glucan possesses numerous structural bonds, β-1, 3 (stem) and β-1, 6 (branch), and distributed as triple helix structure.

    β-Glucan exists in various origins, and that coming from yeast origin is the most immunogenicity compared to other origins based on their structure.

    Probiotics Set

    • Triple layers perform - entirely gut tract protection
    • Improvement of digestive function
    • Advance gut health and immunity
    • Reduction of cholesterol

    Various beneficial bacterium harbor numerous ability in tract localization, acidic endurance, tract attachment, secretion of bacteriocin, improvement of digestive function, immune activation, down-regulated allergy, reduction of cholesterol, and so on.


    • Promote probiotics activity
    • Promote localization

    Prebiotics are types of fiber that feed the friendly bacteria in the digestive system.

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