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  • Moist Heating Pad
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  • The HT-301 Series Powered Moist Heating Pad is more moisture and rapider than other heating pad on the market. Via the moist heating pad expands the blood vessels, increasing blood flow.
  • Features

    • Rapidly relax tight muscles

    • No water needed

    • Improve body circulation

    • Without causing dry itching allergy

    • 4 section setting time, 15 min, 30min, 45min, 60 min

    • 4 section setting temperature 45 °C , 55 °C , 65 °C , 75°C

    The HT-301 Series Powered Moist Heating Pad with special elements which enhancing application of Far Infrared, and 100% cotton-made warm and moisture keeping cover, can effectively improve body circulation on medical care without causing dry itching allergy.

    Moisture is produced by the humidity from the air and retaining in the cover. When the heating pad is turned on, the rapid heat rise forces the moisture out of the cover onto our skin.

    HT-301 Series Powered Moist Heating Pad can relieve aches and pains from arthritis, joint stiffness, lower back pain, tight muscles, minor strains, tension and stress, and cramps.

    HT-301 Powered Moist Heating Pad can be used in different areas such as the back, elbow, shoulder and hip.

    Also it can be used by athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, sportsmen, specters, skiers, construction workers-anyone who standing for long time every day.

    Power Voltage 220 V - 240 V
    Power Consumption 220 W and 1Amp
    Dimension HT-301: 14 x 27"
    HT-302: 20 x 20"
    HT-303: 7 x 20"
    HT-304: 14 x 14"
    HT-305: 14 x 20"
    Time 15 min, 30min, 45min, 60 min
    Temperature 45 °C , 55 °C , 65 °C , 75°C

    • Please confirm the correct voltage before use.
    • Please keep the device away from water.
    • Please keep the cover dar and clean.
    • Please use the cover when use.
    • Please unplug if do not use.
    • Please do not use the device in infant or child under 10 years old.
    • Please do not use the device in invalid or unconscious people.
    • Please do not use the device like bed or foot warmer.
    • Please do not sit, lie on or crush the device.
    • Please do not use the cord as a handle.
    • Please do not when sleeping.
    • Please use the device in proper temperature to avoid burning and blistering.
    • Please do not use the device directly on cuts or open wounds.
    • Please do not use for more than 60 minutes in one time use.
    • Please do not use in an oxygen enriched place or near equipment that stores or emits oxygen.
    • Please inspect inner cover before use. If it has any damage, please contact with local distributor immediately.
    • Diabetes patient, paralysis, circulatory problems or insensitive skin should consult with a physician before using the device.

    Our HT-301 Series Powered Moist Heating Pad offer a limited Two (2) years warranty.

    This warranty does not extend to failures resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, alteration, use of unauthorized service, parts or cleaning solutions, or failure to comply with Instruction Manual.

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