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  • Portable Ultrasonic Micro Mesh Nebulizer
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  • Our portable nebulizer is designed for infant, child and adult who has Asthma, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), or other respiratory disorders.
  • Features

    • Designed for all ages

    • Particle Size approx. 3-5 μm

    • Lightweight only 46g

    • Extremely quiet

    • 1 year warranty

    Nebulizer atomizes liquid (normal saline or medication), and sprays it into the user’s airway in order to keep the respiratory tract unobstructed, moisten the respiratory tract, and dilute sputum.

    Differ from standard compressor nebulizer shooting compressed air at liquid medicine into mist form, ultrasonic nebulizer provide us a more effective and dependable way to inhale medicine by high frequency vibrations transforming liquid form into a fine mist. Which way is considered to be far more quickly than compressor one. The other advantage of ultrasonic nebulizer is that owing to the way it works is more quickly to send the prescription into patient's lung. It thus reducing the time of the symptoms in emergency situation. To sum up, we are proud to tell every each of our customers that CE-333 ultrasonic mesh nebulizer is a machine which is not produced to just meet the standard in the mesh nebulizer machine market but exceed all the customers' expectation.

    Method of Operation Ultrasonic (Atomized by micro mesh)
    Size 26mm ( L ) x 35mm ( W ) x 98mm ( H )
    Weight Approx. 48g (Excluding battery)
    Power 3V DC (Two “AAA”1.5V alkaline batteries)
    Power Consumption Approx. 0.6 W
    Vibrating Frequency Approx. 117 kHz
    Spray rate Up to 0.25 mL/min
    Particle Size MMAD < 5μm
    Capacity Approx. 8 mL Maximum
    Approx. 1 mL Minimum
    Battery Life 4 days if used daily for 15 minutes. (with two 1.5V “AAA” alkaline batteries )
    Operating Conditions 10 °C ~ 40°C(50 °F ~ 104 °F), 30 ~ 85% R.H.
    Storage /Transportation Conditions 20 °C ~ 70°C(-4 °F ~ 158 °F), ≦ 85% R.H.

    Our CE-333 portable ultrasonic micromesh nebulizer offer a limited one (1) year warranty on Nebulizer main unit and Medication Cup for three (3) months from the purchase date.

    This warranty does not extend to failures resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, alteration, use of unauthorized service, parts or cleaning solutions, or failure to comply with Instruction Manual.

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