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  • Oxi-Q Finger Type Pulse Oximeter

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  • Oxi-Q is a unique designed finger type pulse oximeter which can check patient's heart rate and blood-oxygen saturation levels simply and quickly.
  • Features

    • Large digital LEDs display

    • Selectable two way display

    • Automatic power off

    • Low battery capacity indication

    • Light weight less than 55 g

    • User Friendly

    • Quick & accurate

    The Oxi-Q finger type pulse oximeter provides reliable SpO2 and pulse rate measurement and can be worn around the neck. It’s convenient for spot check readings. The Large LED display allows for use in a wide range of light and dark environments.

    The portable device enhances the safety of mountain climbing and other activities in high altitude area with thin air. The value of SpO2 and PR can be clearly read in the different angle of LED displays. It’s great SpO2 diagnostic tool for physician or nurse to go on inspection around sickrooms of Hospital.

    Display Type Digital LEDs display, 2 display modes
    Display Parameter SpO2, PR, PLETH bar
    Display Information Low Battery
    SpO2 Range 0% - 99%
    SpO2 Resolution 1 %
    SpO2 Accuracy 70% - 99% ± 2%, 0% - 69%: No definition
    Pulse Rate Range 30 - 235 bpm
    Pulse Rate Resolution 1 bpm
    Pulse Rate Accuracy 30 - 99 bpm ± 2 bpm, 100 - 235 bpm ± 2%
    Operation Temperature/ Humidity 5 - 40 °C, ≤ 80 % RH(non-condensing)
    Storage Temperature/ Humidity -20 - 55 °C, ≤ 93 % RH(non-condensing)
    Dimensions 62 x 34 x 38 mm
    Weight 55 grams (including 2 batteries)
    Battery Type Two AAA batteries(1.5V)
    Battery Life Approx. 40 hours

    100% - 95% An SpO2 of greater than 95% is generally considered to be normal and healthy.
    94% - 90% SpO2 values between 90% and 100% suggests slightly inadequate oxygen carrying in arterial blood.
    Less than 90% An SpO2 of less than 90% could be a sign of poor oxygenation, known as hypoxia or hypoxemia.

    Our Finger Type Pulse Oximeter offer a limited one (1) year warranty.

    This warranty does not extend to failures resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, alteration, use of unauthorized service, parts or cleaning solutions, or failure to comply with Instruction Manual.

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