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  • Anti-Wrinkle Firming Facial Mask
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  • Using Switzerland’s precious apple stem cell and hyaluronic acid can quickly infiltrate the skin to delay aging. The Pentapeptides and Placental Protein can improve skin hydration and effectively eliminate wrinkles. The Acureal Anti-Wrinkle Firming Facial Mask is a unique “three- dimensional" sheet mask that covers the entire face and neck.
  • Features

    • “Three- dimensional" sheet mask

    • Delay aging

    • Eliminate wrinkles

    Apple EGF is a liposomal preparation based on the stem cells of a rare Swiss apple.

    • It helps skin stem cells to maintain their characteristics and their capacity to build new tissues
    • It delays aging and has an anti- wrinkle effect.
    • It Protects longevity of skin stem cells
    • Delays senescence of essential cells
    • Increases the vitality of skin stem cells
    • Combats chronological aging

    An emulsion containing 2% PhytoCellTecTM Malus Domestica was applied twice daily for 28 days to the subject’s face. Wrinkle depth was determined by means of PRIMOS (phase-shifting rapid in vivo measurement of skin).

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